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Friday January 30, 2015


This SeniorArk.com Home Page  is one of the most valuable pages a Senior can read daily.



is a free, volunteer site, BY SENIORS, FOR  SENIORS.  But you may find that our Senior survival tips have considerable value for children of
all ages. We are not a dead, static senior citizen site, but are updated
EVERY DAY, including most holidays. SeniorARK was begun in November, 2005. By January, 2015 we are only completing the foundation, yet we already receive over 100,000 visits per month from inquiring, and sharing, Seniors. (165,581 in a recent month, over 7 million in total) You have created hundreds of pages, chock full of over 4,999 links, tips, and other resources to help our generation cope with the inevitable challenges that come in retirement.

We believe that surviving in retirement does not rely on one "silver bullet", but instead is the result of doing many things a little better. As we share our tips and information with each other, we can build a sturdy SeniorARK for everyone. By its nature, SeniorARK will always be under construction.  Please be one of the Senior builders of SeniorARK by your sharing.


Remember: AMATEURS  built the ARK--- PROFESSIONALS  built the TITANIC.





We have always had an EDITOR'S page with an explanation of how and why this site was begun. But now, in addition, we will produce a special EDITOR'S "DAILY" COMMENT. On that page you may find timely information on anything from a threat to Social Security or Medicare, to how our editor is feeling today, or how the weather is developing around our headquarters, or why we support a critical upcoming vote in Congress.

We hope you will make the page a part of your daily online activity. We will change the comment every 2 to 3 days. There will be important links to information on your health, Medicare, Social Security, money, and much more. A special email address will be provided for your important feedback. And we encourage your feedback. Plug in and become an empowered Senior!





Groundhog Day is February 2

Groundhog Day is an annual holiday celebrated on February 2 in the United States and Canada. According to folklore, if a groundhog emerging from its burrow on this day fails to see its shadow, it will leave the burrow, signifying that winter will soon end. If on the other hand, the groundhog sees its shadow, the groundhog will supposedly retreat into its burrow, and winter will continue for six more weeks. In the north, this is usually one of our the first signs of Spring.



Gasoline Prices

 January, 2015 - CNBC TV reported recently that gasoline prices have now dropped 109 days in a row. The national average appears to be dropping soon to under $2.00 for unleaded regular.




2014 Was Best Year for Job Growth Since 1999, Labor Department Says

ABC News - January
Another 252,000 jobs were added in December making 2014 the best year for job growth since 1999, according to the Labor Department.



House GOP Forcing 2016 Debate on Social Security's Finances

ABC News January
House Republicans want Congress to address the troubled finances of Social Security's disability program, setting the stage for a contentious debate that could affect 11 million people in the middle of the next presidential campaign.



Red wine linked to living a longer and healthier life

New Zealand Herald

As red wine is particularly rich in resveratrol, some researchers have suggested it could explain the "French paradox" of a relatively high-fat diet but relatively low incidence of coronary heart disease within the wine-drinking population of France. (SeniorArk adds: Dark, concord grape juice is also high in resveratrol. SeniorArk editor drinks this juice every day. It has also been found amazingly useful in preventing/treating cancer. (Search this SeniorArk site for the word "resveratrol, and read the evidence. Scroll to the very bottom of this page to find the search area.)




9 Ways To Cope With Seasonal Affective Disorder

Huffington Post
Do dark, chilly days make your mood cloud over this time each year? You're not alone: Roughly 10 to 20 percent of Americans report feeling tired or sad when there are fewer hours of daylight in the winter months.



January, 2014 - As of January 30, we are only 50 days away from spring! Blink, and it will be here.

Deal with the darker days by doing a schedule for the next 30 days, and plan to do at least one thing EVERY DAY that is fun for you.

Also read: Finding Winter Light 




Over 400 Seniors are killed by guns in America - - EVERY MONTH!





There may come a time when a nursing home is the only option. If that day hasnít come, however, there are other options you can consider that will help ease medical and financial burdens while allowing you or your aging loved one to retain independence by living at home or near family members. There is support in your community and adjustments you can make at home. Here are some examples: (click blue link above)



Medicare recipients asked to fight fraud

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services estimates that Medicare, the health care program for seniors, and Medicaid could be losing as much as $70 billion to criminal fraud, waste and abuse each year. That amount is unacceptable for Harold ...
Seniors can be of great help in saving money for our health system by reporting FRAUD.

WHAT IS MEDICARE FRAUD? Fraud occurs when someone intentionally falsifies information or deceives Medicare. Abuse occurs when doctors or suppliers donít follow good medical practices, resulting in unnecessary costs to Medicare, improper payment, or services that arenít medically necessary. A complaint about the quality of care you got from a doctor, hospital, or other provider or facility is not considered fraud or abuse. If you have a complaint about your quality of care, please click here.

Examples of possible Medicare fraud are:

  • A healthcare provider bills Medicare for services you never got.

  • A supplier bills Medicare for equipment you never got.

  • Someone uses another personís Medicare card to get medical care or equipment.

  • Someone bills Medicare for home medical equipment after it has been returned.

  • A company offers a Medicare drug plan that hasnít been approved by Medicare.

  • A company uses false information to mislead you into joining a Medicare plan.

Read complete Medicare article on Preventing Medicare Fraud and Abuse


Seniors, always remember, if you are EVER in need of ANYTHING,   

email: seniorark@aol.com   We may not be able to help, but we WILL TRY.

And we WILL answer your email. Email us--we want to be bothered.




January 28, 2015 - Frozen sea spray from a winter storm coats a house in Scituate, Mass., on Wednesday. A winter storm slammed New England on Tuesday. The storm buried the Boston area in more than 2 feet of snow and brought lashing waves and 70 mph winds. The blizzard conditions spun up the East Coast, pounding parts of coastal New Jersey northward through Maine with high winds and heavy snow.


Researchers from the National Cancer Institute revealed through a recent study that drinking more than one cup of coffee a day can lower people's risk of contracting skin cancer, according to Time. The study claimed that the ingredients found in coffee can prevent the development of melanoma.


The Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots will meet in the Super Bowl on Feb. 1, a match-up pretty much everyone has been eyeing since mid-October. 


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    At 92 she beat stage IV cancer

Her Oncologist gave her little hope for recovery, but  the cancer vanished. Was it God, the doctor, resveratrol or carboplatin? You tell me.

A story of great hope for all who are fighting this terrible affliction.


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TODAY'S IMPORTANT NUMBERS  -   Thursday January 29, 2015 *********************************************

* 40% - Americans throw away 40% of food every year, worth $165 Billion. Could feed at least 75,000,000 humans.

* 3 - Most abundant elements in known universe: hydrogen, helium, oxygen. (BBC News, Science and Environment)

* 3,000 Approximate number of people killed by terrorists on 9/11/2001

* 440,000 -  Approximate number of Americans killed BY GUNS, BY EACH OTHER, AT HOME, since 9-11-01 

* 37 Days - Time it takes for 3,000 Americans to be killed by guns.

* 1 - There is only one way to say RE-COG-NIZE. Reconize does not exist.

* 1 - There is only one way to say NU-CLE-AR. Nucular does not exist.

*  #1 offender - Wal-Mart is #1 with employees receiving state-funded health care in every state that released the data.

* 70% - Of all products sold at Wal-Mart are imported from China, the largest Communist country in the world.

* 17.4 million. American homes that have difficulty putting food on the table every day.

* 46 million - Americans living in poverty.

* 40 - American billionaires who have agreed to donate half their fortunes to charity

* 12,000 - Number of boomers who begin collecting Social Security every day

* All but 4 - Number of Republican Representatives who voted to replace Medicare with a voucher instead in 2011.

* 0 - Number of Democrats who voted to replace Medicare with a voucher instead.

* 3,000,000 - Soft drink vending machines in the U.S. One for every 100 people.

* 237 - Miles the average European walks per year

* 87 - Miles the average American walks per year

* 87 - Number of Americans who die from a gun EVERY DAY.

* 27% - Gift cards never redeemed in the U.S.. Over $8 Billion worth of gift cards were never used from 2006.

* $800 - $1000 per MONTH. Amount Medicare Advantage insurers are paid by Medicare for your care.

* $772,000,000 - Amount AARP was paid by health insurance companies in 2008. Beware their opinions on this subject.

2.1 - USA spends $2.1 trillion/year on health care. Double per person spent in any other country.

50 million - # of Americans on government-run health insurance - It's called Medicare! It works...very well!

49 - years Medicare has served the needs of America's Seniors - July 30, 2014 > 49th birthday

* 43rd - U.S. life expectancy - 42 nations are higher. We wonder why this is so if we have best  healthcare system.



Do you know there are now 9 news sections on www.seniorark.com?

Volunteers scour the web EVERY DAY to find the most important and interesting articles for Seniors


Primary News Sections

    The Home Page you are now viewing, for the very latest news for Seniors

    The "News" page for today's news on health and other items of interest

    Up-to-date news on Medicare, including Part D information (last section)

    Up-to-date news on Social Security, including other pension related news (last section)

    News on Senior Health Issues, (last section), older than the current "news" page

Archived News Sections - Articles you remember reading somewhere, but can no longer find.

    Hot News items that have been moved very recently from the page you are now reading

    Older Medicare News

    Older Health Articles with summary

    Older Health Articles listed, without a summary


**15 ways to survive a fall into that dreaded abyss**

January 29, 2015 

Yes,  Part  "D" is a bizarre system, crafted by a slight-of-hand Congress,  mostly  written by the  drug  and  insurance companies.  It can be overwhelming to the Senior who needs more than a minimal amount of medication each year. But do not despair. There are specific things you can do today to survive this convoluted program, and the doughnut hole at its center. Read Complete Article

Also, what you do today can slow, or prevent, a fall into the doughnut (donut) hole. See: Surviving Medicare Part "D". 



The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and the Congressional Budget Office have estimated, respectively, that about 2.6 million to over 4 million individuals who may qualify for the Medicare prescription drug low-income subsidy are not receiving it. Various barriers, such as reluctance to disclose personal financial information or lack of knowledge of the subsidy, may prevent potentially eligible Medicare beneficiaries from applying for the subsidy. To view the highlights of the report, go to: http://www.gao.gov/highlights/d08812thigh.pdf.

To see if you qualify, or to apply, go to: http://www.socialsecurity.gov/prescriptionhelp/

     Also see: Latest Health News , Latest Medicare News , Latest Social Security News 



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