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The SeniorArk Personal Medical Organizer.  This also includes a prescription log. The Personal Medical Organizer serves several purposes: 1. Post it in an open location in your home. In the event you become ill or disabled. A family member, friend, or rescue worker can have immediate access to your medical records, and prescription details. 2. This is also convenient to take on all medical appointments. 3. It also just helps you to keep your information together, along with doctors' names and phone numbers. You will only find this at SeniorARK. We created this, and the Prescription Log, because WE needed them. It is free. The parish nurse at out church downloaded it and uses it with members of the congregation that she sees.

The SeniorArk Prescription Log helps you to keep track of vital information only on each of your prescriptions. If you list them in order by date of refill, it will help you to remember to reorder before expiration. You will only find this at SeniorARK.

Personal Medical Organizer, Prescription Log 

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