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It is very difficult to have a happy retirement if we are under the weight of an addiction. Addiction can take many forms; alcohol, drugs, prescription medications, food, sex, and more. We may be past the time of providing for our children, paying on the mortgage, and going to work every day. But, having experienced those freedoms, many seniors remain trapped in the slavery of an addiction? Some sink even deeper into addiction when other responsibilities end. An addiction owns our lives, directs our lives, kills our relationships, then fully ruins our lives and destroys us totally. So why do we remain in that awful prison. I am speaking from personal experience, having dealt with alcohol and prescription medications in my own life. Now, for many years, these addictions have been in check. Not cured, but in check. AND LIFE SINCE HAS BEEN VERY GOOD. So why do we resist a way out?

First, we truly believe that we cannot live without the focus of the addiction. It seems that the addiction has "propped up" my life for so long. I thought my life would disintegrate if I stopped drinking and using valium. This is the great lie. We are intended to live free, with functioning minds, emotions, and relationships. We have become very dependent on a substance or situation, but millions have shown us that we can survive very happily without the addiction. And so can you. It could be the happiest time of your life! The brightness you knew as a child or young adult can shine again. Life may seem worth living again. Risk it!

Second, we feel guilt, and don't want to expose ourselves. If we have experienced our addiction for many years, those around us have certainly let us know that we should feel guilt. Furthermore, we have tried to hide it from everyone else. Put it away. Lose the guilt. Responsibility for actions, perhaps. Guilt, no. Freedom from your addiction can give you freedom from guilt. Heaven knows you have felt it long enough.

Third, admitting to an addiction shows personal weakness. Not so! It has taken great strength to "pass as normal", while at the same time fighting an addiction. And it takes great strength to say, "I've had enough, and want to deal with it." Perhaps you have tried many times to overcome your addiction alone. It has taken enormous strength to "dry out" again and again. It is very hard to shake an addiction alone, even for the strongest among us. If someone can do it alone, or with their church, good for them. But strength often fails when dealing with addiction. A drunk once said, "Don't tell me I can't stop drinking on my own,---I've done it a thousand times." Sound familiar? It does to me. I stopped at least a thousand times. And I restarted a thousand times. I needed help. I needed to say, "I give up. I'm powerless over the stuff."

If you have experienced addiction in your life, and are ready to show your strength by dealing with it, I am willing and happy to help you. Or if you just think you need to lean on someone else's strength, I am willing to help. Email me at TalkBackToBob@aol.com. I personally will help you find the tools to begin a free and happy "rest of your life". Nobody here can even read your email but me. You stumbled onto this little offer of help. I wonder how that happened? Risk it. Reach out for help from one who has seen it all - -personally. You owe it to yourself. You will remain totally anonymous. And you can level with me. It goes nowhere beyond you and me. And, as always, I am selling absolutely NOTHING but the well-being of fellow Seniors. And I doubt that you can tell me anything that I don't know personally from my own experience. So, I've started to open up to you, and now it's your opportunity. Start to live! Free!

Bob Fassbach. editor, www.SeniorArk.com

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