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Bumpkin at the Brothel

A country bumpkin, Billy, decided to try his luck in the big city of Las Vegas. This was his first trip ever off the farm. He decided that before he lost all of his money in the casinos, he would visit one of the Nevada houses off ill repute, a brothel.

As he walked into the brothel, he was greeted happily by the madam. "We have three girls, sir. The model is $100, the housewife is $200, and the teacher is $300.

Billy scratched his head, and thought to himself, "I   be a simple man from the country, but I reckon they have this backwards from what I figger."  "I don't want to spend a lot of money," Billy said, So I'll just have that there model for $100."

The madam sent him to the proper room. As he knocked on the door, the model answered saying "Come on in darling, but don't touch my hair because I just had it done, and be careful, my nails are wet, and please don't mess up my mascara and..." Billy stopped her and said, "I'm sorry I must have the wrong room." 

Billy returned to the madam and told her, "I don't think much o that there model youse got. Here's another $100. Send me to the housewife."

Arriving at the second door of pleasure, Billy knocked. "Come on in sweetie, but wipe you feet on the mat, I'm not sweeping any straw off my floor, and don't be throwing you clothes around, I just cleaned this place and..." Billy excused himself saying, I am so sorry, I seem to have the wrong room.

Really frustrated, and hot and bothered, Billy rushes back to the madam. "That housewife was really nice and all, but it ain't gonna work out between us. I have one more $100. I'll pay it, but that school teacher better be hotter en a sow in heat." The madam, having been paid $300 for the teacher, says "You won't be disappointed sir."

So old Billy trots off to the teacher's door and knocks.

"Come on in you special man, and sit right down. We are going to have fun today. But we do have one very special rule in this room..........................................


If you don't do it exactly right the first time, we do it again..............and again...........and again.........and again

...........until you do!!!!"


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