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Site Names Gone Bad

ALL   of  these are legitimate companies that didn't spend quite  enough time to consider how their online name might  appear! 


These  are not made up. Check them out  yourself! 


1. 'Who  Represents' is  where you can find the name of the agent that represents  any celebrity. Their Web site  is: 



2. 'Experts  Exchange' is  a knowledge base where programmers can exchange advice  and views at: 




3.  Looking for a great pen? Look no further  than 

 'Pen  Island'. It  can be found at: 





4.  Need a therapist? Try 'Therapist  Finder' at: 



5.  Then there's the 'Italian  Power Generator' company.  Check it out at: 




6.'IP  computer' software,  there's always: 




 7.  And the designers at 'Speed  of Art' await  you at their wacky Web site: 


retirement housing on less than a shoestring

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