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Readers say:

Here is the Housing on a Shoestring that I have found

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Read our SeniorARK article called "Retirement Housing on Less than a Shoestring".   The information that follows has been submitted by our readers who have responded to that article.

(5) Go to Realtor.com and check out Palm Bay, FL, if you have considered Florida. Housing there has gone down by 50% in the last 2 years. Watch out for harmful drywall produced in recent years in China. There can be serious health risks from that product. This SHOULD be revealed on each listing, but ask the Realtor about it on any house you have serious interest in buying.

(4) Hello Bob, and SeniorArk readers,

     I would like to share what my wife and I chose to do when we retired. I realize what we did is not for all, but it helped us to stretch our dollars in retirement. I lived in a small town called Havre de Grace Maryland before we retired. I knew in retirement it would be hard for us to live when I still owed a mortgage on my home and the cost of living in Havre de Grace was out growing my retirement.

    7 years before I retired, my wife and I started to investigate different areas on the internet which we would like to retire to. With all the things considered (Taxes, Hospital care, transportation, housing, etc) we chose Seaford DE. At the time, it seemed to be the best area for us and so far has been just that.

    We sold our home and reinvested our profit into a doublewide home in a community called (The Village of Cool Branch). The home cost $74,000 which we paid for in full with money left over. Our ground rent cost $302.50 per month and this includes the water,sewer and garbage pick-up. We have an swimming pool in the community and
many nice neighbors of good back ground around us from PA,MD, VA, NY, RI, NJ. There are senior centers in the near area for activity. Many good place to eat at good prices.
    In Delaware the first $12500 of your retirement is not taxed, Social Security is not taxed. The property tax on a average 3 bed room home is only about $500.00 per year. Your license tags for your car is only $40 per vehicle.
Bob, it is a great place to retire. 26 miles from the beaches, not far from Baltimore or Washington DC or other big cities on the Eastern Sea board. There is no sales tax  in Delaware. Really has worked well for my wife and I.  Thanks, Vernon, Seaford, DE

(3) You should try searching out small towns. Where I was raised, southern Illinois, my hometown, Royalton, has a population of 1200 people (the same number as when I was growing up). It used to be a coal mining town. It is 18 miles from Carbondale and Southern Illinois University. You can buy a nice livable home there for 25K!!! That's what the last buyer's of my folks home paid. Full basement, furnance, 2 bed 1 bath, garage, outbuilding, huge yard and nice, friendly, helpful neighbors. Plus the whole area is dotted with small towns like mine and very affordable housing. You can even find a rental for $300 a month.
Thanks for reading this and if I have helped one person, it was worth it. God Bless and remain in Peace  Dave Browning, San Diego

(2)  Have a look at Thomaston, GA. http://www.cityofthomaston.com/ official site. Town is pleasant, home prices are low, Atlanta is 60 miles away. The chamber of commerce has put together a nice description on this page: http://www.thomastonchamber.com/tourismwelcome.asp. T.D.


(1)  Great Retirement Housing on Less than a Shoestring Are you entering retirement fearing that you may not be able to make ends meet? You have a "little" equity in a home, or "some" savings but are paying rent. Or no savings and are paying rent. You know that you can't afford to stay in the high-cost area where you have been, but don't know where to go?

One of our volunteers  faced the exact same situation, and has created a special SeniorArk feature to show you what he and his wife did about housing as they entered retirement..  This section is probably not for those with lots of options. It is about going back to basics in housing in order to survive in retirement. No, he doesn't live in a van---down by the river. He lives in a nice home in a wonderful community. This article shows us that there are affordable places for retirees to live.  

Read: Great Retirement Housing on Less than a Shoestring


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