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Updated: March 07, 2012 

You've done it at the gas pump. Refuse to do it in your furnace! Our suppliers are saving big time. Why is it not being passed through to consumers? You CAN make a difference!

Natural Gas Prices 6 Months Natural Gas Prices 1 Year Natural Gas Prices 5 Years

November 16, 2010, at the close of market - $3.82 per MM BTU


Five year history of Natural Gas Prices

Falling natural gas prices, which have dropped far below a December (2005) peak of nearly $15.00 per million British thermal units, have prompted some energy companies to curtail production to keep prices high.

Natural gas futures at the close, November 16, 2010  were trading at $3.82. That is nearly 1/4 the December 2005 price, a 70% DROP! So why are we still paying the high prices triggered by the sharp increases  experienced in December 2005????

Local natural gas utilities are beginning to respond, realizing that these savings must AT LEAST APPEAR to be passed on to the consumer. Gas prices at the wholesale level are one fourth what they were December 2005. NATURAL GAS PRICES AT THE WHOLESALE LEVEL HAVE BEEN REDUCED about 70% since December 2005 FOR OUR GAS COMPANIES. This is an outrage. The consumer who has been gouged at the gasoline pump for the last few years should not sit and take another gouging at the basement furnace.

The new game of suppliers is to sharply raise the "distribution rates". This is just another unjustified way to gouge the customer.

Your state legislators need to hear from you today.

STATES REGULATE what the gas company can charge you for their gas. This is very different than how gasoline prices are set. Regulators are controlled by your elected officials. Email, or snail mail your elected officials today and tell them you will not stand for another gouging. Go to  government/links , look at the State and Local Government Resources section.   In the left hand column you will see three sections in RED. Click on those links and you will be able to find the folks in your state who can do something about it. This is a powerful weapon. Good luck to us all. I am emailing my Governor, state senator and representative today!

If you don't let your elected officials see this, or a similar article, then don't complain when that big fat gas bill arrives in the mail.


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