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This is not a humor thing. It is in fact a personality profile type of survey. You can't pass or fail. After you answer 10 questions, you tally your score, and you will see what type of personality you have, according to this test. Nobody can see your answers, since the PDF file is actually loaded on your computer.

This was sent to the SeniorArk editor by his daughter as an email. You are not receiving it as an email, so disregard those references. I confess that I scored a 49, meaning I am a beloved genius. Just kidding - - - really. If you wish to send me your score - - fine. Just don't scare me, and don't identify yourself. Some things are best not known! 


Click here for the test. We have scanned it and find it virus free.

Have some fun with the family.

SeniorArk editor



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