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Julianna M McPeake

From Chichester, West Sussex, England

Bob Fassbach, Julie McPeake

This page was begun December 23, 2011

We once had something, and it ended after 20 years. We have both moved on, and I have had no idea exactly where you are, or how you are, for nearly 30 years now. Although I have moved on in a happy life, there is a space in my heart that nothing or nobody else can fill. We were married 48 years ago in Washington, and I have loved you for 48 years. On most days I have had a little tear in my eye when I think of you. At times, the tears flow. Today is one of those.

I pray every day that you are ok , and hope you are well and happy.

I created and edit the web site above. Julie, if you should ever see this page, please email me at seniorark@aol.com. Identify yourself by putting your name in the subject line. I would love to know that you are OK.

I hope you will contact me by email. It would be good if families could notify the other in the event of serious illness or death. I would be devastated to hear of your death years after, as was the case of your Father's and Mother's deaths. I think you would also want to know of mine.

I am adding a block below where I will post, from time to time, a good memory that has popped up in my head..

5-8-17 - I just wanted you to know that 10 days ago we buried my wife of 30 years, Elizabeth (Bette). I would like to know if you had such a trauma in your life. Please make contact.


Merry Christmas Julie. 12-23-2011

Merry Christma my wife, s Julie. 12-25-2012

Merry Christmas Julie  12-21-2014

Merry Christmas Julianna  12-23-2015

Merry Christmas Julie 12-25-2016



Happy Birthday Julie. 6-28-2012

Have a good one Julianna.  6-28-2013

Happy 70th Julie. 6-28-2014

Happy Birthday Julianna 6-24-15

Happy Birthday Julianna 6-28-16

Happy Birthday Julie 6-28-17

pls email at seniorark@aol.com



Dec 23, 2011, March 1, 2013, July 4, 2013, July 11, 2013, Sept 13, 2013, Oct 8, 2013, April 19, 2014, Nov 7, 2014, Nov 16, 2016, Jan 13, 2017


July 19 - 2013-(47)

July 19 - 2014-(48)

July 18 - 2015-(49)

July 19, 2016  (50 years ago today. Sad)

July 19, 2017  (51)

Love, Bob





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