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Committing to the wrong Part D Plan for the next year could be a costly and tragic error. Are you sure you will have the best Part D Plan for your area, at the best price, and one that best meets your prescription needs? Medicare is making available a tool that will help you to know for sure. It will enable you to see the best plan, for the best price, that meets your unique prescription needs in your area. SeniorArk is proud to present links to this tool to help you find your way through the maze of Part D. As the editor of SeniorArk.com, I work with Part D information every day, and I'm not sure I will have the best Plan until I use Medicare's tool.  Use our link to this tool now at Medicare-Part D Plan-Finder.


Medicare Part D Enrollment Tips 

Updated 29 October, 2014

Also see a step-by-step process for Where Do I Start with Part D? , and Part D Guidelines

Medicare beneficiaries who are just enrolling in Part D for the first time, need to compare all the plans, to determine which ones cover the correct medications, and which provide them for the best price.

Medicare beneficiaries who are enrolled in a Medicare prescription drug plan should examine their coverage to ensure it continues to meet their needs. Seniors and other Medicare beneficiaries who are satisfied with their current plan do not have to take any action during the open-enrollment period (October 15-December 7), but those who wish to make a change must begin to research the options now. You may find that you could save a great deal of money, and more completely cover the medications you need, by changing plans. This is the time to begin to consider that.

Know your three Cs. Consider the following when making a decision:


  • Does the plan cover your medicines?

  • Does the plan have a coverage gap?

  • Do you need more comprehensive coverage in 2014?


  • What is a planís monthly premium?

  • Does the plan have a deductible?

  • How does the plan handle co-payments?


  • Is your local pharmacy in the planís network?

  • Does the plan have a mail-order option?


For help answering these questions and finding the right plan, seniors and other Medicare beneficiaries can turn to the SeniorArk.com prescription drug plan finder, available at  prescription-drug-plan finder. This is a totally free service we have developed for our readers, to help then sift through the maze of part D choices. Some plans cover certain medications and dollar totals, and others do not. Seniors need to pick the right plan, that covers the right medicines, with the right coverage totals.

Estimate your annual drug costs. Most seniors will not spend enough on their medications to reach the coverage gap. But we must become gamblers on our needs for the coming year

Enroll early. Open enrollment for coverage next year begins October 15, and continues through December 7.  This gives your choices time to get firmly into place by January 1.

Donít cancel your existing plan. Seniors and others intending to switch to a new Part D plan should not cancel their existing plan. Enrollment in a new plan will automatically terminate a beneficiaryís current coverage.

Apply for extra help. Additional assistance is available to low-income seniors who have trouble affording their out-of-pocket costs. According to federal health officials, over 3 million Medicare beneficiaries nationwide were eligible for the low-income subsidy this year but didnít apply. For information, visit your local Social Security office or call 1-800-772-1213.


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