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(26) Snuggling on the Beach!!!  We've all been to the beach, but rarely is this kind of behavior ever seen in public. Prepare to be shocked.

(25) Can this video be real??? We have called it the "Blonde Antelope" When opportunity strikes, sometimes it is very tasty. (turn on sound)

(24) The Italian Clock (ya gotta see this, turn on sound) Sometimes wisdom is just plain opportunity.

(23) A very beautiful 37 second presentation. Not humor, but worth your time. Requires Microsoft PowerPoint.

(22) Watch an animation of the building of the International Space Station.

(21) When you try, but just can't get that alarm clock to stop beeping, you may just experience "The Ultimate Alarm Clock"

(20) This is a classic video showing banter between Johnny Carson and Jack Web (Dragnet). The title is "Copper Clappers"

(19) 911 call The mailman has stopped breathing--one of the best we've ever heard. Hard to believe what it was when you see the picture at the end.

(18) There is nothing more frightening than a talking "dead terrorist".

(17) Just when you count on "man's best friend" to chase animals from the garden, you get this!

(16) Ever see those bones in the museum? They hook them together with some kind of wire so you can see what the animal looked like. These startled folks saw more than they bargained for.

(15) Are you fed up with scofflaws speeding down your street? This old German inventor has found the perfect speed bump to solve his, and your, problem.

(14) This is one AMAZING man with the hammers. Watch carefully so you don't miss the nail! (Thanks Bryan in England)

(13) Jeff Dunham and Peanut http://youtube.com/watch?v=tBqylhMcTgQ One of the best ventriloquists we have ever seen. (Thanks Alicia)

(12) X-RATED Danish Traffic Control  Speed signs don't slow them down? Maybe we should put this method into action.

(11) Viagra Gone Bad  36 hours is a long time to "be ready"

(10) Water Leak Problem   Read below before opening the Video:
Jennifer and Jim kept getting huge water bills. They knew beyond a doubt that the bills weren't representative of their actual usage, and no matter how they tried to conserve, the high bills continued. Although they could see nothing wrong, they had everything checked for leaks or problems: first the water meter, then outdoor pipes, indoor pipes, underground pipes, faucets, toilets, washer, ice maker, etc. -- all to no avail.  One day Jim was sick and stayed home in bed, but kept hearing water running downstairs.
He finally tore himself from his sick bed to investigate, and stumbled onto the cause of such high water bills.  Apparently this was happening all day long when they were not at home.  Knowing that few would believe him, he taped a segment of the 'problem' for posterity.    Watch Video


(9) America  When you click this video, it takes you to a site outside SeniorARK. My brother-in-law sent me the link to this terrific pictorial view of America. It is narrated by John Wayne. The pictures alone will make it worth your minute or two. Click here: America  Please come back.


(8) Funny Church Videos  SeniorARK editor had serious belly laughs with this one. Real videos of the things we do so normally in the exercise of our faith, but which sometimes go so wrong.


(7) Unbelievable 911 calls   Actual 911 calls where the caller asks for things that cannot be produced by the operator.


(6) The NEW, Unbelievable I-Rack   You've seen the I-Pod, the I-Notebook. Now see the         new I-Rack from Apple


(5)  Beer for the LazyAss Sport's Fanatic  One of Dave Letterman's quality exhibitions of a guest's invention.


(4) Dog in Pool  It's the old story of throw the ball into the pool and let the dog jump in to retrieve it. But this dog will have nothing to do with jumping into this dirty pool. Will he get the ball. Find out here


(3) 3-yr old Kassie  knows how to deal with a monster if he shows up. Check it out.


(2) Motorcycle with 2 riders runs from the police, and crashes. Hard to believe that anyone walked away from this one. Not for the squeamish.


(1) Funny Fireman's Experience  - I think here we can see one of the few perks of firefighting 

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