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  Page updated: Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Remember - -Information on Medicare empowers you to make the right choices!


Which 2015 Medicare Advantage Plan, or Part "D", or Medigap Plan is best for my medical needs and my medications?

 REMEMBER: Insurers can radically change the conditions and details of their plans every year, and this year SOME have done it with a vengeance. You must check them out every year.

It is nearly impossible to know if you have the best Part D , or Medigap, or Medicare Advantage Plan, at the lowest price, that covers your prescriptions and medical requirements - - unless you have the right tool.

WARNING-1: Do not use any private search tool to make your choices, since most of them only include plans on which the private site owner can earn a commission. There may be a "best-choice" plan for your needs that you will never see at those sites. Click the appropriate bar below and go directly to the correct search page at:


WARNING-2: Be very careful with any information you receive at meetings, or visits to your home held by individual insurance companies. That pleasant person who is telling you about how great their programs are - - is most likely a commissioned salesperson - -ON A FAT COMMISSION (UP TO $450 PER ENROLLEE.). I attended one on last year, and heard several incorrect representations. If you believe that you have been mislead at one of these meetings, call Medicare and report it. These folks are mostly honest, but it is hard not to slant the information when looking at a fat commission.


Here is the right tool

The absolute best tool for finding the right "Medicare Advantage Plan", or the right Part "D" Plan, or the right Medigap plan is the one offered by Medicare.gov below.


Click the banner below to make your comparisons.

This banner will take you to the correct page at Medicare.gov

 This banner will take you to the correct page at Medicare.gov

Learn more at our Main Medicare Page   

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