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Where Do I Start With Part "D"?

 How to begin your walk through the Part "D" maze

Bob Fassbach, Editor, www.SeniorArk.com

*SeniorArk has developed a short series of "plain-English" articles that give you information on Part D. They will help you understand how Part D fits into Medicare, exactly what it is, does it make sense for you, and how do you select a plan that works for you. Check out these four articles in the proper order, and things may become clear fairly quickly. It is critical that you develop a rudimentary understanding of the way Medicare works, because you will be making decisions that will impact your finances and prescriptions for the next year, and many years to come. So take a few minutes and look at these 3 pages.

(1) First take a quick look at a SeniorArk simple, one-page Medicare overview. We call it Medicare Parts A, B, C and D (and Medigap) Made Simple.

(2) Then take a little closer look at Part D Made Simple..

(3) And finally, if you are ready to select a part D plan, or Medicare Advantage Plan that works in your area, at the best price, and that covers your medications, go to the Part D Plan Finder.

NOTE: If you have questions about, or problems with these steps, email me. I answer all email. Your well-being has become my mission. But remember, I cannot really address the ins and outs of any individual plan, and I cannot make your decisions for you. The Medicare Part D Plan Finder can help with that.

* Or call the SS Administration at (800) MEDICARE (800-633-4227). Operators can assist callers in navigating the agency's search engine for qualifying plans, or they can send written information on each plan.

* State-specific guidance is also available. Go to our "government links" page and click your state. That link should lead you to a site in your state that can help you. Many states have programs that dovetail in some way with Medicare, and you will save a lot of money if you find the right one. For example, my Pennsylvania plan covers me completely through the doughnut hole!

Other sources

Other organizations also offer phone operators or websites to help consumers figure out a plan's specifics.

* The National Alliance for Hispanic Health, an advocacy group, can answer questions about Medicare Part D benefits for Spanish-speaking beneficiaries. Unlike in past years, however, the group cannot enroll beneficiaries in specific plans. Call (866) 783-2645, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET.

Low-income help

* Apply for Extra Federal Help., There is a federal program that helps pay for some or most of the costs of Medicare prescription drug coverage, if your income and assets are low enough to qualify.
website.  Don't forget to check you state for many programs like this as well.


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