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This is the Senior Ark entry page to over 4,999 links of great value to Seniors and those who care for them. Certain pages have links that lead to other pages on this site with additional links. For example, the Health Links page has a link to another page that displays the websites of over 2,000 hospitals in the US. Some links have been submitted by other Seniors, and some  have come as the result of a Senior Ark search. You can get to an individual links page by using the navigation bars above, or by clicking on the heading on each page description below. Please submit links. Other Seniors need your links today!

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government  -  Three sections, linking to Federal, State , and Local sites. You can access a full range of government services including Social Security, Medicare, IRS, retirement funds, housing and much more. information  -  Internet Public Library, 800 Yellow Pages, "How Stuff Works", Guinness World Records, solve computer problems, diagnose appliance ills, family history search, TV Guide, Do-it-Yourself.com, address kits.
health  -  Link to health news articles of particular interest to Seniors, updated daily! Links to medicines, medical libraries, public and private hospitals, nursing, aging, prescription assistance, cancer battle. service  -  grandparenting, foster grandparenting, Senior companion program, choose your area or service, volunteer match, meals on wheels, march for meals.
legal  -  Laws, lawyers, government acts affecting Seniors, free legal forms commonly used for a variety of issues. Legal discussion sites. housing  -  H.U.D. Info for Seniors, Homes and Communities, Elderweb, 5,000 communities, most over/under valued communities in the US, Senior Resource, Retirement Resorts.
money  -  Saving money, finding lost money, pensions, benefits, retirement funds, senior employment, reverse mortgages, dumb money moves, women and retirement. caregivers  -  practical and emotional support for the caregiver, sites to enable family to assist Senior, caregiver tips, AAA Senior driver site, disease markers.
just-for-fun  -  Online free puzzles, photos, geographic, reader's digest, live science, Audubon, senior dating, recipes, building projects, radar, Calvin and Hobbs, Hubble, Top 25 World Web Cams of 2005, greeting cards. spiritual  - Weekly Spiritual Message,  National Council of Churches, Tony Campolo, a Christian Directory, Gratitude List, Christianity Today Magazine, Tribute to the Fallen
travel  -  Cheap tickets, Travelocity, hot deals, Priceline, Hotline, budget travel, and links to nearly every airline in the world.  

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These links are provided for your convenience. Senior ARK has no association with any of the links listed, nor do we endorse them or any of their content or any merchandise or programs offered for sale. We ask you to let us know if any of the links do not work, and please let us know of other links that may be helpful to seniors.  

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