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"Inflation is when you pay fifteen dollars for the ten-dollar haircut you used to get for five dollars when you had hair."  ~Sam Ewing


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GENERAL MONEY SAVING ISSUES  (newest added last in each section)

The Gross National Debt
Money-saving tips                                                            Submitted by other Seniors. Ideas for smart money-saving.

66 Ways to Save Money                                     Practical ways to save money on things from appliances to funerals

Free Senior Checking                                  How to get, and save on totally free senior checking. Also some cautions
"Dumb money moves people make"                                               Seven absolutely basic pieces of financial caution
freecycle.org   (your editor recommends)                       Recycle quality items you either need or give to others. FREE
Considering a Reverse Mortgage?           FannieMae                                     5 steps to deciding if one is right for you
Reverse Mortgages for Seniors   (HUD)                      Safely get money you need for support from equity in your home
National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association                                                                        free booklet
Unclaimed Money By State                         Sources that owe you money are required to send it to your state treasury
Find a Missing Pension                                            You may have some money in an old pension you have forgotten
15 Dumb Money Moves - CNN                                          15 Specific things to avoid in order to protect your finances
50 Smart Money Moves - CNN                                                  50 Specific things that will help protect your nest egg
General Money and Tax Info                            FirstGov discussion of money scams, and wide range of money issues
Estate Planning                             Good place to start thinking about your estate.  Federal Citizen Information Center
Appliance Money-Saving Info                                                             How to buy and fix applainces    Appliance 411
For Best Bargains, Go to the Source                       Get a price from the manufacturer as well as retailer or discounter
Real Simple Magazine       www.realsimple.com                                     Life made easier through simplifying your life
Get Spending Under Control                                                                                               Money magazine article

Price Parts for Almost Anything                                                                                                  Sears Parts Direct

Frugal Shopper                                                                                                         Resources for smart shopping
Eight Ways to Save Money When Buying an Insurance Policy
Elder Financial Abuse: The Signs
Saving money on your utility bills                                           Twelve practical tips. Department of Energy for LIHEAP 


Retirement Plans, Benefits and Savings                                                               Thoughtful discussion on pensions
Top 10 Ways to Prepare for Retirement                               Financial tactics to use to maximize money in retirement
The Social Security Handbook                                                             Your basic guide to Social Security programs
Senior Service America                                        Senior Jobs Senior jobs and involvement in America's communities
Working After Retirement                                   How employment will affect your pension or Social Security Benefits
Women and Retirement Savings                                                     US Department of Labor, 47% women have none

When to Retire                                                                              Planning with the Social Security Administration

Consumer Information on Pension Plans                                         Benefits of various plans.   US Labor Department

Factors that may Affect  Benefits                                                      Information from Social Security Administration
Filing a Claim for Your Benefits                                                 Non Social Security,    From US Department of Labor
Retirement Benefits Online Application                                                              This is for Social Security Benefits
Retirement Planning                                             A comprehensive discussion by the Social Security Administration
Retirement Ages                                                   Social Security explains retirement ages based on your birth year
Protect Your Pension- Quick Reference                                       A reference guide from the US Department of Labor
Railroad Retirement Board                                            Online Railroad Retirement Board forms, pension information
Federal Employees Retirement Calculator                                                                   Info for the Federal Employee

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