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Tip # 2. FAUX STAINED GLASS  I have found pleasure as a senior in creating faux stained glass windows. Everything I know I learned online last year by reading and looking at pictures. I did some for the windows in my home. I have framed some as gifts for family and friends. There are some patterns you can copy or download online, or make your own. Everything you need to know you can learn online by searching for "faux stained glass". Supplies are available at WalMart and other stores. Have your local hardware store cut glass to the exact size you need. This is really fun and satisfying when you see the beautiful finished product. Here is an HGTV presentation on the subject. And a couple other sites picked at random:  Faux Stained Glass Supplies,   Go to Google Search Page (www.google.com), click "images" then search for faux stained glass and you will get hundreds of pictures. I have made many patterns and have pictures of windows I have made this year. If you need patterns or want pictures email Bob at springpure@aol.com. The window to the left is one of my projects. It is about 20 x 14. I hang them on the front porch to check for gaps or other flaws in the light. Click on it to see a larger picture. This is easy to do, and the results are dramatic. I have really enjoyed this. Be very careful with the glass. The edges can be sharp. Use masking tape on the edges if you are concerned. If you frame it first, the edges are no problem, but it is a bit harder to create the scene.        

Also have a look at:  http://downeaststainedglass.com/freestainedglasspatterns.html  For discussion on stained glass you are welcomed at StainedGlassville stained glass message boards

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housing - most livable cities, smart cities for Senior retirement, frugal places, assisted living. taxes by state. computers - tips and links for buying, learning, and disposing of a computer. readable keyboards.
taxes - income issues, property tax relief, state comparisons, sales tax, scam alerts, tax credits. hobbies - a huge resource for the Senior looking for info on that new hobby. over 50 - discussed and linked
transportation - buying, maintaining, using, insuring, your car. gasoline savings, public transportation, airlines, other - started as a potpourri, this section has evolved largely into Senior safety issues.
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Retirement has unique challenges for us all. As seniors, we can make a decision as to whether our condition will be a constant burden, or an ongoing adventure that we intend to live to the best of our ability. No matter what our circumstance dishes out to us, we face a daily choice to lament, or move ahead with an attitude of gratitude. No matter whether we are on Social Security alone, or drawing down that fat IRA. Whether we are in a wheelchair, or running a marathon. Whether our family calls and visits regularly, or seems busy with other things. We still have a daily choice about how we live in this day.WHAT HAPPENS MAY BE OUT OF OUR CONTROL, BUT HOW WE FEEL ABOUT IT IS NOT. A simple concept, but not easy sometimes. There are plenty of things that seem negative, and we can burn up the day by dwelling on them, or choose to make something out of where we are.

Our hunch is that seniors, YOU, have figured out many ways to navigate  successfully through retirement, no matter what your circumstance. By sharing and learning from each other, we will be able to improve the quality of our lives in retirement.

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