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"They say we are better educated than our parents' generation. What they mean is that we go to school longer. They are not the same thing."       Douglas Yates

1. Check out SeniorNet learning centers.   .http://www.seniornet.org/php/lclist.php

2. A great place to find interesting courses on a wide range of subjects is your local community college. Go to this site to find a website for one in your area. http://www.mcli.dist.maricopa.edu/cc/

3. Check out Senior Summer School  www.seniorsummerschool.com  You can choose from a location somewhere in the US and combine education with a vacation. Seems to be available year round. 

 4. University of the 3rd Age. Senior courses all over the world.   http://www.harrowu3a.co.uk/index.htm

5. Free Online Courses    free-ed.net
6. Online Learning
7. Check with your local governmental body (i.e., city or county) for educational opportunities. My home county offers regular courses in all kinds of interests for nominal fees. They even publish a flyer twice a year in the local newspaper listing the courses they offer.
 If you have a skill or ability, consider teaching a class for your local community college or city/county program! I have seen courses offered in everything from ethnic cooking to esoteric dance. If you have something to offer, step up and offer it! Our society so much values the young over the elderly; that is unfortunate, because we older people have so much more to offer. Even if it's a basic survival skill, someone can benefit from you sharing your knowledge!    Rivahcat, Virginia
8. AOL Online Campus   Great Boomer Employment and Education Articles. Links to Online Learning Resources.
9. Free online computer basics for seniors. "Internet Basics for Seniors"   And another helpful tutorial site: Seniors and Computers

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