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At my age, most anything passes for entertainment

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There is a lot of entertainment information on the SeniorArk Hobbies, and Just for Fun pages

1.Find information on almost every movie made.  The Internet Movie Database says it is:       Visited by over 35 million movie lovers each month! The biggest, best, most award-winning movie site on the planet. 

2.  If you are looking for live theatre, be sure to check out your local school productions.  Often these are full scale musicals, complete with orchestras and stage sets for a fraction of the 'big city' price.  There is the added benefit of usually knowing someone in the cast, being acquainted with members of the audience and using whatever senior discount if offered.  This is a great way to enjoy an evening out yet close to home.

Katie Smith, Director , Chautauqua County Office for the Aging,  Mayville, NY  14757

3.  When eating out, ask if the restaurant offers any senior specials. I have been stopping at Taco Bell each Wednesday for lunch.  I ordered two spicy chicken burritos and a small drink. $2.73. I tallied the items and said, "That can't be enough, surely."  "No charge for the drink", she said with a smile. I just thought it was a special promotion. On my third trip I was charged for the drink. I asked if the promotion was over. "We didbn't have a drink promotion", I was told. When I told them about my earlier experiences, I was told that they do not charge seniors citizens for their drink! I guess the third person thought I looked younger. Alright!!!  Ask everywhere. Was this a policy of our local Taco Bell, or national---don't know.
4. You probably know that many theaters offer seniors a daytime discount. Ask
5. Check with your local movie theaters for discounts. We have a theatre here in Richmond which offers "second-run" movies (i.e., movies that have been out for about 6 months) for only $1.99 a person.. PLUS there is a gentleman who plays the organ at the evening show on the weekends for an added fillip of enjoyment!

 Also, consider "on-demand" movies via your cable provider. There are many wonderful current movies available for $4.99 or less on my local cable company; far better than the $7+ per-person charge to see them in the theater. Patience is rewarded! 

   Rivahcat - Virginia

6. There is a lot to do in our SeniorARK FUN and HUMOR sections.

7. Library. I'm surprised someone has not already submitted these.  One word - your library!  I'm not quite a senior yet but already take advantage of all the good freebies my local library has to offer.  I reserve almost first-run movies that cost me nothing and no longer even rent movies.   I go to the on-line Internet Movie Data Base as you suggest and then go to my library's on-line catalog.  I usually have a very short waiting period to see the movies I've reserved.  One librarian told me not to be intimidated by the number of people waiting as  they buy many copies of popular new movies.  She spoke the truth - I was number 170-something on the list to see a particular movie but within the month was notified to come pick it up.  I don't mind the wait and of course, some are well worth the wait and some are not, ha-ha.  The bottom line is it's free entertainment which I can appreciate.   Also, I have the attitude that ANY movie I have not seen is "new" to me and my library has tons of videos and DVD's.  Ditto the music, why pay for such things when there is a wealth of things to be had for free with a little homework and effort on your part?   Thanks to Cindy M.

8.Library. Along the same line is reading material.  I no longer subscribe to magazines or my local newspaper and don't miss them a bit.  The internet is so useful for your local grocery and other ads and your local paper is on-line, most likely.  I came across www.freebizmag.com , which will send you magazines for free for a stated period of time with no obligation to buy  (I'm currently getting a few that match some of my interests, "Horticulture," "Log Home Living," and "Antiques").  I'd never pay the prices they want for subscriptions for these magazines.  And again, the library is great for picking up copies of free city newspapers in my town.  I love it.    And again, your library probably has very recent magazines you can borrow.  This more than fills my craving for something different to read.  I seldom buy a book anymore unless I've already checked it out for free ahead of time and when I do buy, it's usually on line at amazon.com for nearly nothing.  Again, if you are a bit patient and do your homework, it's amazing what you can find to entertain yourself and others for nearly nothing.

I just discovered your website today and appreciate your website and enjoy reading it.  Thanks to Cindy M.

9. Libraries

  • 1. Don't overlook the most valuable freebie entertainment: BOOKS

  • 2. Some libraries offer free Video/DVD rentals.

  • 3. Most libraries offer wonderful programs from children and adults.  Whether it is story time, craft time, or a book discussion.

  • 4. Summer Reading Programs

10. Do you know that you can access you local TV programming online? Go to TVGuide.com . Click "What's on TV" and go from there. You will need to "edit location" at some point, entering your zip code to access your local schedule. Then save your final p4rogramming to your "favorites". When you click it the next time, if your cookies are enabled, you should go directly to you programs.

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