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When a man assumes a public trust, he should consider himself as public property."   ~Thomas Jefferson

This tip is too important to number.  Learn how to contact your president, senators, representatives, governor, state and local officials. These people monitor letters and emails very carefully, and act accordingly. On our  Government "LINKS" page we provide links for you to contact these people and many more. Don't complain to the neighbor about the world. Contact an elected official who has some responsibility for your problem. I sent three out just yesterday in just a few minutes. A few weeks ago I sent one to our city mayor---and he called me.
1. When approaching governmental agencies, remember WE THE PEOPLE are being served. Sometimes it seems the other way around, but don't give in to that attitude. If you are handled that way, find someone else.  Not arrogantly,  but in a businesslike and friendly way. Very little is gained in this world with arrogance, but a friendly quiet smile attracts a lot of attention.
2. Be cautious in accepting "no" for an answer. It is easier for a government worker to say "no", because it requires less follow up work. If you feel you have a case, either try with that person again, or find someone else. Sometimes "no" is the ultimate answer, but don't allow it to be the first and final answer. This all applies to private businesses as well as government. 
3. Sometimes your elected official must be your final recourse. There's nothing like that fear of "losing a vote" to spur action.

4. Find a very helpful,  friendly person at your county "Agency on Aging"  (Go to links/government and click your state on the map to help find your agency)  Make an appointment with that person. In that appointment ask for guidance on any program, offer, facility, fund, booklet, website that might help you survive as a Senior. You may be amazed at what is out there. Please report it back to us if you find something great.

5. Read the news and let your representative, senator, or president know how you feel. I have two search bars on my computer: Google and Yahoo. They each have a news tab you can click. You can also get the very latest news on this Senior Ark site on the news page. I follow the news a couple times a day. When I support, or am unhappy with something I see a government official doing, I immediately email my feelings to that person. Many elected officials actually have people who just monitor and count emails in favor of or opposed to a position they are taking. Go to links/government  to find out how easy it is to email a government official. Remember, they really pay attention to someone who has taken the time to express an individual opinion.                                     Google and Yahoo Toolbars Simply click "search" on either one of these bars, once you have downloaded and installed them, and a "news" option will appear! ( Get the Google Toolbar or the Yahoo Toolbar )

6. Call the local police department on yourself !! (Just kidding.)  What you want to do is invite a policeman to come by your home to look at your doors, windows etc. Get suggestions on how to protect yourself from intruders. Make a policeman your friend. The police will remember your diligence, and will probably glance at your home more often as they drive by. (When they come, be sure to hide the drugs Seniors---Just kidding again)

7. Call the fire department and ask someone to come by to point out safety hazards. Believe me, they really do want to come out.

8. BEWARE of people offering to give you Medicare information for a price. 99.9% of the time this information is available FOR FREE. These people are looking to make a buck off of you by selling you convenience.

 For that matter, any information pertaining to government policies or programs is free. Don't fall for the hype!     Rivahcat - Virginia
9. Unsnarl bureaucratic red tape. Tips on Dealing With Bureaucracy
10. Chances are your state has programs of various types that could be of great value to you----if only you knew about them. Often programs are approved with little fanfare. Go to Government Links and click your state. Spend some time clicking around your state website, especially the Senior areas. You may find something valuable there. The same can be said for the Federal sites on that page.

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