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Keep in mind that hundreds of useful organizations are on many Senior Ark pages

 U.S. Federal, states, local, agencies, more National Family Caregivers Association

   Alliance for Retired Americans

FreeCycle AARP
Nat Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association Seniorcorps
Consumer Reports Rx Hope
National Senior Citizens Law Center Internet Public Library
Eldercare Locator

Alzheimer's  Association

protectseniors.org  Subsidized retiree healthcare once was an obligation to be paid by corporations, forever. It was not a gift from benevolent management. Today, emboldened corporations are taking away healthcare benefits earned by their retirees.

 We are guaranteeing your EARNED retiree benefits

The following four links are your ticket to life in the Senior years, if you need help.

Be bold and check them out. There is nothing to fear. There are great people there who really want to help, if you decide to make the call after checking out the site. If you have been suffering with a disabling addiction, why waste another minute of the rest of your life? Your Senior years may become your very best. Believe it! You are NOT a bad person. You are an addicted person with a disease, and it is beyond your control. Turn it over to someone else who can help you begin to heal----right now. Best wishes to all. 

Alcoholics Anonymous -- Drinking causing problems? Check it out ---anonymously! Al-Anon -- Use if your life is affected by someone's drinking.
Narcotics Anonymous -- From street drugs to problems with prescription drugs. Gamblers Anonymous --stop the addiction that ruins so many lives.


1. Join a group called "freecycle". Go to www.freecycle.org. Members in your area offer, for free, items they can no longer use. You may also ask for things from the membership that you need. You will see furniture, pet food, clothing, you name it. Joining the group is also  free. B.T. Somerset, NJ   
2. dealtime.com  Go here, and compare the price for the identical item, at many stores or sites.

Seniors are waiting for your tip here.     Or submit a useful link for a links section.

Where can I find -- a great home -- in a great town --  for less than $50,000?

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